Update 2016
What happened in 2016 to our Nepal projects?

In Timbu, we could observe that our 2016 project, the reconstruction of a Communal House for Women, which was destroyed during the earthquake, could be fully accomplished. This project was done under the leadership of a brother of my Tibetan friend from Wil, Switzerland, Dolma Shitsetsang. Last year, I reported the various negotiations for the purchase of the necessary materials in Kathmandu. This year, all is in place!
The same holds true fort he two Communal Houses, which were constructed with corrugated metal sheets in the upper village of Embalama. As an emergency measure this was OK but it is definitely not a perfect choice: Too hot in summer and too cold in winter. This must be improved in future.

There is so much to do – where ever you look, you see so many tin huts and half destroyed houses. I guess we shall be here for a long time till our dream of a solid Snowland Childre Village can be realized. But you have to dream big in order to advance in small steps.
A further important step must be the modernization of agriculture, which can start with the improvement of water supply, our current project. With finally enough water, Cardamon, Avocados and Kiwis, could easily be cultivated. And why not also tea or coffee? After all, Darjeeling is about at the same altitude as Timbu…….

Die Einrichtung des Frauen-Gemeinschaftshauses ist fertig installiert

Zusammen mit der Lehrerin vom letzten Jahr

Auch die Kinder sind wieder da und freuen sich, dass wir zurück sind!

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