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Cow’s milk project in Dharamsala – Tibetan Children Villages – Nutrition Education 2017

Meanwhile, I have arrived in Dharamsala where I shall teach during four weeks the House Mothers from 4 Tibetan Children Villages the basics of nutrition.

Our cow’s milk project, where we try to provide all children villages with enough cows in order to allow them to produce enough high quality milk and therefore provide enough protein and calcium for the children, is a major project. For this, we would need at least CHF 200’000 so that the necessary number of cows for all 8 Children Villages, including stables and care, could be offered.

In a first step, I have promised to teach the housemothers the basics in nutrition. Each housemother cooks and provides meals for about 20 children, living in a house under her care.
A system we know in Europe as an SOS Kinderdorf or a Pestalozzi Kinderdorf.
With a better understanding of nutrition, I believe these housemothers can – despite the meager budgets available to them – look better after the children under her care.

This teaching is part of an overall plan, where I have agreed to visit within two years all 8 Tibetan Children Villages, each of them for one week with a 5 days nutritional course, 2 by 2 hours during 5 days. In 2017, the first 4 villages in Himal Pradesh, the Hymalayan Federal State of India, will be visited; including Dharamsala, the residence of HH the Dalai Lama.

Mrs Sharling (Direktorin des Mütter-Trainingscenters)

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