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The Embala Water Project in March 2017, «One village helps another»

The Embala Water Project in March 2017, «One village helps another»
Starting at the Kakani school, off we go by Jeep on roads and trails which hardly merit their name. The condition of these trails are horrifying and quite often we are stuck – wondering how we can make it back, since turning our Jeep is likewise impossible.
Finally, after a 40 minutes ride, we continue on foot, steadily uphill during pouring rain, as the source for the water suppy of the upper village of Embala lies at an altitude of 2400 m. Up a wet, steep slope in the forest, where my Swiss mountain boots meet their challenge on the slippery ground. But my friend and mountain guide Urkin, does not listen to my protests and stoically says: – we shall make it. Which, somehow, sounds familiar..
Well, I think of the generous people of our commune Bichelsee- Balterswil, which collected on February 11 2017 CHF 16’000 exactly for this purpose. They deserve to witness first hand or better first eye, what this source is all about.
And all my efforts were richly rewarded! Here it is, the source in the middle of a forest, protected by rocks and enormous boulders. And pristine water emerges – and I get the honour to drink first. Despite the fact that a religious ceremony has already been held here, I receive – during all the rain – and in the middle of the forest, another white good-luck Katha around my neck.

With us there were three men from the village, which have done the biggest part of the work so far: the well house! All done in proper brick work with a small service entrance and proper water channels. Just incredible when you realize that all the bricks and mortar had to be carried up all these slopes, where walking and climbing alone is already difficult!

All this is so touching that I loose a few tears. Remember that the work load is done on a voluntary basis by all the people of the village, for not to talk about my local friends and partners, Urkin and Lhakpa, which have also invested all of their spare time and all, likewise, on a voluntary basis.
Where in the world can you still find such a communal spirit?
In a few days, we expect the first water pipes, 15 of them can be loaded on one truck and can be transported as far as the road permits. And today on March 26, as I write these lines, I have been informed by Lhakpa, that they could install already the first two kilometers of water pipes.
It is of paramount importance, that all the work can be terminated by september and before the arrival of the monsoon rains.

The waterpipe system works

The first fountains are coming out, done by the Nepal representatives Lakpa and Urkin.

Arbeiten am Leitungsbau

Vorbereitungen für den Leitungsbau


Die Wasserquelle

Urkin direkt an der Quelle
Urkin direkt an der Quelle

Die Segnungs-Kathas
Die Segnungs-Kathas

Die ganze Bande

Die ganze Bande

Ein Mönch segnet die Quelle

Lhakpa im Felsen

Aktueller Stand (5. März 2017)

Die Kollegen vor Ort, Lhakpa und Urkin, haben den endgültigen Ort der Quelle für die 5 km lange Wasserleitung festgelegt. Ein kleiner Trupp aus dem Ort Thimbu ist mit einem Mönch gekommen, um die Quelle und die bevorstehenden Arbeiten zu segnen. Es wird eine kleine Puja-Zeremonie abgehalten und die Kathas werden um einen Stein gelegt. Bald kann es losgehen mit den Arbeiten. Das Material ist ausgesucht und jetzt warten sie nur noch auf die Ankunft von Bianca-Maria.

Über das Projekt

Tibetische Sherpas in Nepal

Das verheerende Erdbeben im Frühjahr 2015 hat über 90% aller Häuser in der tibetisch besiedelten Region Helambu zerstört. Die Bewohner sind völlig auf sich selbst gestellt, Hilfe von aussen gab und gibt es nur über private Initiativen. 2 Sherpas vor Ort helfen mit den Mitteln, die wir erhalten. Die Stiftungsrat-Präsidentin (Bianca-Maria Exl-Preysch) fährt jährlich auf eigene Kosten in die Region, um den Fortgang der Arbeiten zu dokumentieren.
Derzeit haben wir 2 Projekte: Wiederherstellung der Wasserversorgung und das Schulprojekt «Kakani».

Snowland Children Foundation, Stichwort “Nepal-Hilfe Wasser oder Kakani”

Info zu Tibetan Sherpas in Nepal (PDF, english)

Info (PDF, english)

Schulprojekt «Kakani»
Info (PDF, english)

Weitere Info zu den Nepal-Projekten
Wo wir helfen – unsere Helfer vor Ort (PDF, deutsch)
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