Sustainable survival of the Tibetans as a people

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With the occupation of Tibet by China at the end of the fifties of the last century, many Tibetans have lost their homeland. Most of them still cannot return to Tibet without fear of life and limb. Also in 2016, Tibetans still leave the occupied Tibet, because the free practice of their faith is not possible or they are restricted in their way of life. Especially the nomads suffer from the fact that their traditional life is made impossible by a massive exploitation of natural resources.

In the meantime, more Chinese than Tibetan (an estimated six million) live in Tibet. The goal of the Chinese government is to establish 20 million Chinese in Tibet by the year 2020. The survival of the Tibetans as a people is more than endangered. In the diaspora of India, Nepal or other Himalayan countries the survival as a people is also questioned, as due to poor job prospects the young Tibetans are increasingly trying to emigrate to Europe, Australia and the USA. In these “third-emigration countries” they integrate extremely quickly and at the same time run the risk of being completely assimilated.

Intermediate report of my march 2017 trip to Nepal

March 2017 @Dr. Bianca-Maria Exl-Preysch

I am now already for the second time on the way to Nepal. So many things happened during the last year. I have founded the Snowland Children Foundation and the foundation really seems to fly. I am aware that this is mainly due to the village community of Bichelsee-Balterswil as well as to the ecumenical working group around Daniela Albus. With this in mind and thinking about what has happened since last year -and last but not least – with a lot of money on me, I am on my way.

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