Current projects of the Snowland Children Foundation:
The LHA Charitable Trust and it’s soup kitchen

In the Tibetan language, the word LHA means «an alert mind, built on the basis of good things and ending in divinity.
The mission of this Charitable Trust is generally aimed at the Tibetan refugees, which still today manage to flee from their home-land, occupied by the Chinese. Very often they carry not more than their personal belongings in a back pack, most of them speak only tibetan or sometimes a little chinese, but no indian, which would help them to become quicker integreted in their new country.
Founded in 1997 in Dharamsala, it was recognized by the Indian Governement as a charitable trust in 2005. The LHA is organized and managed by former refugees, which know best what the newcomers need most.
The LHA offers these refugees (but also other needy people from the Indian state of Himal Pradesh) a broad range of support, starting with language courses or a multitude of other courses such as computer science and other special educational courses
The LHA is also maintaining a so called soup kitchen, where up to 50 needy Tibetans receive every day a warm, vegetarian dish. These meals are freshly prepared on a daily basis from local products and can be considered as nutritionally balanced.


We have tested these lunches on several occasions and can confirm that the meals – mainly vegetables and salads – are well prepared and very tasty.
The yearly budget of the soup kitchen runs up to US Dollars 40’000, which the LHA tries to collect from donations. They still dream of and look actively for a generous sponsor willing to guarantee such a budget on an annual basis.
Even if such a general sponsor cannot be found, every donation helps to cover at least the running costs of the soup kitchen. You can find further informaion under the link

The LHA is also looking for volunteers willing to work there for a certain period, giving there e.g. language courses or offering other special skills.
Donations for the Soup Kitchen are always welcome under:

Thurgauer Kantonalbank
IBAN CH18 0078 4290 2634 0200 3
AC (Konto) 85-23-0
«Donation LHA Soup Kitchen»

During the hot summer months, many tibetan monks from Nepal are also staying in Dharamsala. As their traditional tibetan support system does not function here very well, they are thus depending on the soup kitchen for their only daily meal.

But mostly, these are Tibetans who have not so long ago fled from Tibet and who have not yet established their own support.

No, these monks are not watching internet; they are studying english.

The steep foot path to the soup kitchen.

A daily control checks the participants – and who’s actually needy.

Check-list of daily attendency

Director Ngawang Rabgyal of the LHA

Personal assistant and secretary of the LHA, Dorji

Preparation of the meals

Having their meal

A typical plate